This year I had the opportunity to create a personal mission statement.  It is something that I am attempting to live by, one day at a time.  It's definitely a work in progress, and some days are harder than others, but overall, I am excited to finally have a sense of direction and purpose to control the chaos of being a (VERY) busy college student.

I will seek happiness, live in the moment, love others, and dance through life with a smile and no regrets.
I will push myself to be the best I can be and inspire others towards happiness, success, and positive change.

My initials are LEH and I like to think that they stand for Love, Energy, and Happiness, 3 things which are personal goals of mine.
Love: To love others and love myself.
Energy: To put positive energy out into the world.  You get from life what you put into it.
Happiness: To find happiness as true success.  Not wealth, not things, not "the perfect life," but absolute happiness with who I am as a person, where I am in life, and in the people I surround myself with.