Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashionable, F*ckable, Friday!

Did ya hear? I went to the bay area last weekend to visit my wonderful sister at college!
I was so excited for some chilly weather that I packed only dresses and tights and boots and sweaters.
It was fantastic!!
Here is what I wore:

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: thrifted!
Belt: Francesca's Collections
Tights: Target
Boots: hand-me-downs from the bff

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Berkeley Date Night!

Sunday night I took the boy out for Ethiopian food at this little place in Berkeley.
We had a great time!
Unfortunately, timing got messed up (BART took forever, and I went for an ill-planned hike :P), so although I dressed up in my new heels and dress, I didn't actually get any makeup on my face.  Luckily, he has seen me looking much MUCH worse, and also isn't a big make-up guy. The night was saved! Haha.

I liked the food well enough, but it wasn't my new favorite or anything.
Afterwards we went out to ice cream sandwiches with my sister. I got so excited/ distracted by cookies PLUS ice cream I forgot to take pictures. Oops.
I cannot WAIT to show you guys my new boots that I got (and wore on this date).
I made up a song about them and sang it as we walked through downtown Berkeley.
It went kinda like this: 
"I love my shoes! I loooove my shoes! My shoes are so pretty!" *hop* *hop* "nneeeeeww shoes! you are so pretty! I looooooveeesss you!!" *hop* *skip* *hop* 
Boy was embarrassed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trip to the Bay: exploring Berkeley!

On Sunday, my sister and I walked around campus and explored some things.  We watched the men's a cappella octet, had lunch, and then went for a pretty cool hike.
Watching the octet made me sad and miss singing a lot.. Octets were always my favorite part of choir, especially when we would cheat a little bit and create one out of all of the (senior) section leaders.. So pretty! :)
The hike was fun, but I realized how out of shape I am after a summer without dancing or soccer! :( I got pretty sweaty, and then didn't have time to take a shower before my big date (post coming soon!).
Totally worth it though.

Since I go to a school with limited spirit, I was amazed at the thoroughness of Cal's pride.

Love this new scarf I got from a thrift store!

Whew. That hike makes me tired just thinking about it/ looking at these pictures again. We basically ran the whole way down so I could make it home in time to get ready.. more on that story later. :/
Anyone else have fun times this weekend?
Anyone else SUPER EXCITED that it's tights weather again!? :P

Monday, September 26, 2011

Trip to the Bay!

This last weekend I went home(ish) to the bay area to visit my sister at Berkeley.  My dad and brother drove over to hang out on Saturday, and I got to visit with my boy randomly throughout the weekend. It was so great! 
The next few posts, I'll be sharing pictures and stories about my trip!

First, on Saturday, we went to San Francisco (mainly Fisherman's warf) and got crab, and later crepes. It was fun, but my family was not so much into taking pictures. I managed to snag a few, but for every cute picture, there are about 3 others that someone ruined with a rude face or gesture..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Block Party

We had a great event today on campus called the "block party" sort of like a mini-carnival where we invited different groups to table, and also had fun things for the students.. like a bouncy obstacle course, and of course free food!  It was super fun!

Here are some pictures of the set-up fun and the very beginning.
It was super cold and foggy :(
(Also, I work in transfer housing, so we all wore I <3 Transfers shirts)

Our first customer!!