Saturday, April 30, 2011


..(or, "question," for the more linguistically challenged)

Soooo, excuse me for a moment while I'm annoyingly self-indulgent, and also a tad self-centered, and maybe even a bit arrogant, but really also super self-conscious... saaaaay WHAAAAT?

I have a question.  It's super importante (that would be "important," in case you didn't get that one either).  It's also annoying, but hey, what are blogs for?

Sooooo, the question is......


Haha. sorry for the drama buildup.  Here are some pics.  Let me know which color you like best!

1. RED:

2. Dark Brown:

I'm on the left, duhhhhface

3. Blonde:

Please excuse the terrible red-eye correction.. I didn't do it, I swear

Super Crazy Mega Blonde

4. Current/ Natural (??)

Not really even sure what color hair I have..
why is it different in all 3 pictures?

So, DISCLAIMER: this pictures are compiled from the last 4 years or so, and some of them are terrrrrible quality (both pictures, as well as dye jobs) so if you could try to look past that and just at which hair color would look best on me.... that'd be awesome. You, know, or not.

I feel like I just repeated the word "me" quite a few times there.. oh well. :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashionable, F*ckable, Friday!

So I had this whole outfit picked out in my mind for today-- it involved black skinny jeans and pink high-top converse-- but when I was getting dressed, I just wasn't in the mood.  So instead, I wore this bright yellow dress with some bright blue shoes!  Get ready for spring, everyone..

So, the darn self-timer took this picture just a second too late! I promise I was
up on my foot better like ONE second before this... :P 

haha this is actually a candid! My landing out of the passe :P

Outfit details:
Dress: Hand-me-down from the BFF
Shoes: From a small boutique in Chico, CA (don't remember the name..)
Headband: Francesa's Collections
Sash: Vintage scarf given to me by my aunt
Gold Locket: Thrifted/ vintage

Sorry for the photo overload, I had a lot of fun getting out and taking pictures again.. it's been a while!  

Hope you had a great (and fashionable!) Friday! <3

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soy, what?

I bought my first soy coffee today, in an effort to be more vegan! I still eat a lot of non-vegan (vegetarian) food, but my way of slowly becoming more vegan is to NOT BUY any non-vegan food anymore.. and that includes coffee! It was an... experience... it tasted different, but was still pretty delicious! :)


"All television is educational television.  The question is:  what is it teaching?"  
--Nicholas Johnson

Now, I'm not generally one to gush about Glee on my blog (I usually leave that to my roommate :P), but last night's episode was fabulous, so I felt like I had to share :)

Why was it so fabulous?  Well, 3 reasons: the plot, the music (duh) and the fashion (!).

First, the plot. I absolutely HATED last week's episode... there was no plot, nothing to keep me interested, and the songs were just sort of random (plus, I kind of hate Gwyneth Paltrow).  This week, although it was a little over the top and hokey (hey, it's Glee, it's not like I was expecting a miracle), I really liked the message, and mainly, I just loved the shirts that resulted from it.

Like Mr. Schu's, which, let me just say, I TOTALLY saw coming:

And, of course, Kurt's:

And the rest of the gang's, which I found hilarious (and some a tad sad!):

My favorites?  Mike Chang's "Can't Sing,"  Britney's "I'm with Stoopid,"  and Santana's (not pictured), which reads "Lebanese" (Britneyspeak for "lesbian").  Overall, this episode presented not only a great message, but also a unique and uplifting way to share more about the characters and even poke fun at itself a little bit. :)

The second thing which made this episode fantastic was the music!! There were some really great, heartfelt songs (as opposed to recent episodes, which featured terrible covers by Gwyneth Paltrow, random songs that were included for no reason, and waaayyy too many pop songs.. not counting a couple of the "Original Song" songs).  Although there wasn't a single song I didn't like, my favorite two* were Rachel and Quinn's duet of I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty, and Kurt's version of As If We Never Said Goodbye:

Both great songs, and it was so nice to hear Quinn sing again!!

And the last thing which made this episode great was..... the fashion!!  I don't usually turn to Glee for fashionspiration, but some of the outfits just jumped out at me, resulting in about an hour of me taking ridiculous screen shots and re-watching the same scenes about a million times (and also, inspired this post..).  And I still didn't grab everything I wanted to.  Oh well, así es.  Here are a couple of my favorite fashion moments from this week:

Quinn's ADORABLE outfit:


This outfit, worn by Santana:

LOVING this skirt!

And, then OF COURSE, there was Mike Chang's outfit, which inspired me to write this entire post!! I just adore the vest over the t-shirt, and then paired with dark-wash skinny jeans and sneakers-- hot!  One of the only reasons I wish I had a boyfriend is so that I could shop for him-- somehow a vest like this just doesn't quite work as well over my ladyparts.  Someday, I will make this work:

Okay, so I know I already mentioned this shirt, but also I loved Kurt's spiked hair and skinny jeans throughout Born This Way, and his fab diva attitude.  Kurt does Gaga almost as Gaga as Gaga does Gaga (say that three times fast!):

Where do I get me one of these shirts?

Alright, now after all this wonderful fashion, I have a question for you all.  This outfit, worn by Quinn:

Yay or Nay?  I'm not a fan myself, although I recognize what they were trying to do here with the hat, I just think it turned out too frumpy and Glee-y.  So, what do you think?  Am I too fashion-closed-minded, or was this indeed a fail beyond fails??

***All pictures taken as screen shots from the 18th episode of the 4th season of Glee, and are not owned by me or whatever whatever whatever legal stuff.***

*OK, yes, Born This Way was good, but it was nothing we haven't seen on Glee before.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun with fun. Part Deux

Sooo fun. was fun, I guess.... JK, it was AWESOMEEEE (warning: this post will include a lot of exclamation points and CAPSLOCK).

They played a great set, including all of their old songs plus a couple of new ones that I had never heard before.

Guys, let me tell you, I was sooo worried about hearing any of fun.'s new stuff, because, you know, what if I hated it, and then it ruins fun. forever and then I cry until I die.  But THAT TOTALLY DIDN'T HAPPEN and I loved it all and I video taped some of it (TERRIBLE (as in, you can't even hear a lot of it because of the bass) sound quality, because the venue was this crappy little pub and I was literally sitting on a speaker but w/e) so now YOU can love it all too! Hoorays!

Honestly, if you  aren't a CRAZY RABID FAN like me, don't bother watching past the first minute or so, when the bass becomes unbearable and the vocals drop out..


Also, here is the first minute-ish of The Gambler, my all-time favorite song, and AMAZING live:

Also, as you may have noticed from my post below, I MET NATE, which was an awesome moment in both of our lives that I'm sure he will cherish forever and ever, and you know, I thought was pretty okay too. **Sidebar-- DON'T WE MAKE AN ADORABLE COUPLE?! (the answer is yes, so don't bother with anything else).

Yes, I realize you have seen this before but LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!!

So I met Nate before the show started because I may have gotten there ridiculously early (I mean, like, 1st person in early) and had some time to chill while he was drinking beer and relaxing.  So anyway, I fangirl accosted him and we had an awkward conversation about wristbands while some security dude took our picture, and I got entirely too close for (his) comfort and could smell his leather jacket and beer breath (not a bad moment, even though I hate leather and beer-- it was NATE'S leather and beer), and then I ran away and stood with my friends in the corner and gave them a verbal rundown of everything he was doing while he was doing it ("Oh look, he finished his beer.  Hey, now some ugly chick is taking a picture with him, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS..  Guys, does he look nervous to you? Does he? DOES HE? I think he is nervous.  That's probably why he didn't talk to me very much and seemed so awkward.  That's it.  He's nervous.  He's probably shy, too.  Maybe he thought I was really hot, and he's one of those guys that's shy and awkward around girls they're attracted to!! THAT'S PROBABLY IT! That's why he kept giving me weird looks, he's shy around girls! He's in love with me!" etc etc).

And then the show started.  I was in the front row, leaning against the stage, with the subwoofer vibrating against my knee ("Guys, if knees were vaginas, this would be the BEST CONCERT EVER"), and we sat through some random opening acts that were actually pretty good, and then FUN. WAS ON STAGE.  Nate was completely changed from the guy I had met a couple of hours before.  He was hilarious, adorable, SUPER high energy, and, again, aaaadorable.  The concert was awesome, even though we were so far up that we were behind the speakers (which made for some weird sounding music), and Nate would lean over us to sing to the crowd.  At one point, his crotch was literally IN MY FACE, and if I hadn't already met/touched him earlier that night, I probably would have fainted.

Dear Nate: You are adorable.  Have my babies, please? Love, me.

Guitarist.. also a fab singer :)

Rockin out!

Doesn't get much more hipster than those shoes w/o socks.. js

Yes, the keyboardist pulled out a trumpet.. nbd

The girl is sooo hot!

Almost everyone in one shot! Loving the duel drums action :)

It was an entirely different energy than the last time I saw them in concert, since it was such a small venue, but it was nice, and everyone was singing their little hearts out.  I made awkward eye contact with the bassist like 14 times, that's how intimate of a concert it was.

Best 3 parts:
-meeting Nate (duh)
-liking/hearing the new songs
-getting some great videos and pictures of the band

Worst 3 parts:
-bad sound quality
-no new merch to buy
-awkward setup, so that I was a little tooo close to the stage

Here are some more pictures for your (my) enjoyment:

Again, SO HOT, although I liked her old hair (dark brown) better... :P


See how close that front row is? THAT'S WHERE I WAS.

All in all, not a bad night (aka ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS EVER), and I can't wait to hopefully see them live again soon!


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun with fun.!!!!

No time to write my whole post yet (it is coming soon, I promise!!) but I just wanted to share this little gem for now:

Yup, that's me with the lead singer of fun., Nate.  You may remember me freaking out a teeny tiny bit (aka a lot) about a year ago when I saw them live in Phoenix, and GUESS WHAT BIATCHES, I saw them again, this time for free, and on campus, and I MET THE BAND (and most importantly, NATE).  Longer post coming soon. <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's In Your Netflix Queue?

"A good movie leaves you confused, excited, sad, touched, and a little unsure about the world around you.  A bad movie does the same, but you're angry about it."

Since I'm not taking classes this quarter, I've found myself with a lot of free time.  Okay, that was actually a lie.. I'm making free time for myself.  It used to be that I was motivated to get my shit done because otherwise I would flunk out of school.... now I just don't do anything.  Except watch Dexter.  And Big Bang Theory.  And other, less worthwhile TV and movies (although, Morning Glory was better than expected!!).

Amazingly, even with all this coma-inducing mindless TV-watching, my Netflix queue (that is a WEIRD effing word to spell, btw) has grown exponentially.  I think a lot of them have come from me stumbleing upon random lists of "top 10 movies you NEED to see RIGHT NOW! OR ELSE!" and thus becoming convinced that I should watch them.  As soon as I'm caught up on Dexter.

So, here are the next 15 movies that I plan on watching, in no particular order.  I have never seen ay of these (yup, "STAR WARS??!" ..I know).  Some of them, I have been meaning to see for a loooooong time.  Details on how they were coming soon... aka after I watch them.. :)

1. Recien Cazado
Dumb. Sooooo dumb.  And also, shallow.  DO NOT watch this movie... I only wanted to see it, because I thought it would be a fun, light-hearted way to improve my Spanish, but I couldn't actually understand the Spanish, and I ended up turning the movie off partway through, because I couldn't stand the stupidity.

2. The Girl Next Door
It was... different than expected.  Not bad, really, but not great.  I wouldn't watch it again.  Unfortunately the thing with this movie is that the entire premise kind of ruins that "reveal" moment... Like, the whole first half of the movie, when they're doing their whole cute coupley, Nick and Nora crap, all I could think was "she's a porn star, she's a porn star, she's a porn star" and then when he found out she was (*GASP*) a porn star, I was like... well, duh.. that's the whole point of the movie.  At least there were a couple of cute scenes, although I think it was a bit too PG for a movie about a teenage boy living next door to a PORN STAR. I mean, c'mon now, that has potential.. amiright?

Also, how come movies are always about "pornSTARS" and not "porn actors?" ...How many STARS are there out there, anyway!? Kind of makes the title a liiiiiitle less meaningful. :P

3. Black Snake Moan

4. The Big Lebowski
This movie was RULL weird. But also pretty freakin funny. You can't really explain it.. just.. go watch it.

5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

6. Choke

7. 25th Hour

8. Eagle vs. Shark

9. Death at a Funeral (original)
Hilarious. Extremely British; very strange. If you haven't seen it, go watch it.

10. Princesas

11. XXY
OH MY GOSH, suuuuch a great movie!!  It's a coming of age story about an intersex girl growing up in Uruguay... Only better.  Although rather depressing at times, it was astonishingly honest, touching, and overall extremely entertaining.  Especially recommended if you've read Jeffery Eugenide's Middlesex. I LOVED this movie!

12. Ghost Town 

13. The Star Wars Trilogy(s)
1 down, 2 (or 5) to go!  First one was good; although I had my computer open, so was easily distracted.  Nothing much to say about Star Wars; I've always known I'd like them, I've just never had the chance to actually watch an entire one all the way through.  Nothing surprising.  I'd expected it to be more like this, though.  Although this turned out to be a bit more accurate..

14. Trainspotting

15. Ghostbusters!

Any other recommendations?  Any on here that I absolutely SHOULD NOT watch?