Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soy, what?

I bought my first soy coffee today, in an effort to be more vegan! I still eat a lot of non-vegan (vegetarian) food, but my way of slowly becoming more vegan is to NOT BUY any non-vegan food anymore.. and that includes coffee! It was an... experience... it tasted different, but was still pretty delicious! :)


  1. good for you! have you tried almond milk? i think i might like it better than soy:)

  2. Are you aiming to go vegan?? I will totally cheer you on and be ridiculously impressed if you do. I don't think I could last a day lol.

    P.s. Your to do list is rather out of date!

  3. @TheLovelyHunter: I've never tried almond milk! I will, though :) Do coffee shops usually have it as an option?

    @Lauren: I am! I will probably have to take a little break this summer, but that is the ultimate goal :) And my to do list is now updated, thanks for the heads up! :)

  4. Almond milk is for defs my favorite with cereal, but I really enjoy soy with coffee products. Try a soy chai...soooo good :) I'm proud of you, girly!


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