Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Dance!

"Most people think of ballet as children in little tutus.  They don't know it is sweat, blood and tears as well!”
-- Nan Keating

I've been working hard on my arabesque flexibility and took some nerdy-ass pictures yesterday to prove it. Don't judge.  Although, I didn't stretch beforehand, and have TERRIBLE arm position, because I kept doing retarded things when I had my arms right, sooooo they don't actually prove anything... except that I'm a dork.  Also, I got some HILARIOUS looks from my neighbors as I was doing this, so I only took like 4 pictures... this from the girl who takes ~200 pictures in a given photoshoot... :P

Basically what I am saying is DON'T JUDGE!! hehe.

OK, come on here Loni, EXTEND THAT FREAKIN LEG.

I've reached Kiera Knightley white. ScarJo white. Taylor Momsen white. Yuck.

What sort of embarrassing pictures do you take of yourself that probably shouldn't be shown to the world?  Ever put them on your blog?

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  1. Eeep! This is cooool! You're getting so flexible, dude!


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