Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's In Your Netflix Queue?

"A good movie leaves you confused, excited, sad, touched, and a little unsure about the world around you.  A bad movie does the same, but you're angry about it."

Since I'm not taking classes this quarter, I've found myself with a lot of free time.  Okay, that was actually a lie.. I'm making free time for myself.  It used to be that I was motivated to get my shit done because otherwise I would flunk out of school.... now I just don't do anything.  Except watch Dexter.  And Big Bang Theory.  And other, less worthwhile TV and movies (although, Morning Glory was better than expected!!).

Amazingly, even with all this coma-inducing mindless TV-watching, my Netflix queue (that is a WEIRD effing word to spell, btw) has grown exponentially.  I think a lot of them have come from me stumbleing upon random lists of "top 10 movies you NEED to see RIGHT NOW! OR ELSE!" and thus becoming convinced that I should watch them.  As soon as I'm caught up on Dexter.

So, here are the next 15 movies that I plan on watching, in no particular order.  I have never seen ay of these (yup, "STAR WARS??!" ..I know).  Some of them, I have been meaning to see for a loooooong time.  Details on how they were coming soon... aka after I watch them.. :)

1. Recien Cazado
Dumb. Sooooo dumb.  And also, shallow.  DO NOT watch this movie... I only wanted to see it, because I thought it would be a fun, light-hearted way to improve my Spanish, but I couldn't actually understand the Spanish, and I ended up turning the movie off partway through, because I couldn't stand the stupidity.

2. The Girl Next Door
It was... different than expected.  Not bad, really, but not great.  I wouldn't watch it again.  Unfortunately the thing with this movie is that the entire premise kind of ruins that "reveal" moment... Like, the whole first half of the movie, when they're doing their whole cute coupley, Nick and Nora crap, all I could think was "she's a porn star, she's a porn star, she's a porn star" and then when he found out she was (*GASP*) a porn star, I was like... well, duh.. that's the whole point of the movie.  At least there were a couple of cute scenes, although I think it was a bit too PG for a movie about a teenage boy living next door to a PORN STAR. I mean, c'mon now, that has potential.. amiright?

Also, how come movies are always about "pornSTARS" and not "porn actors?" ...How many STARS are there out there, anyway!? Kind of makes the title a liiiiiitle less meaningful. :P

3. Black Snake Moan

4. The Big Lebowski
This movie was RULL weird. But also pretty freakin funny. You can't really explain it.. just.. go watch it.

5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

6. Choke

7. 25th Hour

8. Eagle vs. Shark

9. Death at a Funeral (original)
Hilarious. Extremely British; very strange. If you haven't seen it, go watch it.

10. Princesas

11. XXY
OH MY GOSH, suuuuch a great movie!!  It's a coming of age story about an intersex girl growing up in Uruguay... Only better.  Although rather depressing at times, it was astonishingly honest, touching, and overall extremely entertaining.  Especially recommended if you've read Jeffery Eugenide's Middlesex. I LOVED this movie!

12. Ghost Town 

13. The Star Wars Trilogy(s)
1 down, 2 (or 5) to go!  First one was good; although I had my computer open, so was easily distracted.  Nothing much to say about Star Wars; I've always known I'd like them, I've just never had the chance to actually watch an entire one all the way through.  Nothing surprising.  I'd expected it to be more like this, though.  Although this turned out to be a bit more accurate..

14. Trainspotting

15. Ghostbusters!

Any other recommendations?  Any on here that I absolutely SHOULD NOT watch?


  1. I've always heard such great things about it! Have you seen the remake?


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