Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun with fun. Part Deux

Sooo fun. was fun, I guess.... JK, it was AWESOMEEEE (warning: this post will include a lot of exclamation points and CAPSLOCK).

They played a great set, including all of their old songs plus a couple of new ones that I had never heard before.

Guys, let me tell you, I was sooo worried about hearing any of fun.'s new stuff, because, you know, what if I hated it, and then it ruins fun. forever and then I cry until I die.  But THAT TOTALLY DIDN'T HAPPEN and I loved it all and I video taped some of it (TERRIBLE (as in, you can't even hear a lot of it because of the bass) sound quality, because the venue was this crappy little pub and I was literally sitting on a speaker but w/e) so now YOU can love it all too! Hoorays!

Honestly, if you  aren't a CRAZY RABID FAN like me, don't bother watching past the first minute or so, when the bass becomes unbearable and the vocals drop out..


Also, here is the first minute-ish of The Gambler, my all-time favorite song, and AMAZING live:

Also, as you may have noticed from my post below, I MET NATE, which was an awesome moment in both of our lives that I'm sure he will cherish forever and ever, and you know, I thought was pretty okay too. **Sidebar-- DON'T WE MAKE AN ADORABLE COUPLE?! (the answer is yes, so don't bother with anything else).

Yes, I realize you have seen this before but LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS!!

So I met Nate before the show started because I may have gotten there ridiculously early (I mean, like, 1st person in early) and had some time to chill while he was drinking beer and relaxing.  So anyway, I fangirl accosted him and we had an awkward conversation about wristbands while some security dude took our picture, and I got entirely too close for (his) comfort and could smell his leather jacket and beer breath (not a bad moment, even though I hate leather and beer-- it was NATE'S leather and beer), and then I ran away and stood with my friends in the corner and gave them a verbal rundown of everything he was doing while he was doing it ("Oh look, he finished his beer.  Hey, now some ugly chick is taking a picture with him, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS..  Guys, does he look nervous to you? Does he? DOES HE? I think he is nervous.  That's probably why he didn't talk to me very much and seemed so awkward.  That's it.  He's nervous.  He's probably shy, too.  Maybe he thought I was really hot, and he's one of those guys that's shy and awkward around girls they're attracted to!! THAT'S PROBABLY IT! That's why he kept giving me weird looks, he's shy around girls! He's in love with me!" etc etc).

And then the show started.  I was in the front row, leaning against the stage, with the subwoofer vibrating against my knee ("Guys, if knees were vaginas, this would be the BEST CONCERT EVER"), and we sat through some random opening acts that were actually pretty good, and then FUN. WAS ON STAGE.  Nate was completely changed from the guy I had met a couple of hours before.  He was hilarious, adorable, SUPER high energy, and, again, aaaadorable.  The concert was awesome, even though we were so far up that we were behind the speakers (which made for some weird sounding music), and Nate would lean over us to sing to the crowd.  At one point, his crotch was literally IN MY FACE, and if I hadn't already met/touched him earlier that night, I probably would have fainted.

Dear Nate: You are adorable.  Have my babies, please? Love, me.

Guitarist.. also a fab singer :)

Rockin out!

Doesn't get much more hipster than those shoes w/o socks.. js

Yes, the keyboardist pulled out a trumpet.. nbd

The girl is sooo hot!

Almost everyone in one shot! Loving the duel drums action :)

It was an entirely different energy than the last time I saw them in concert, since it was such a small venue, but it was nice, and everyone was singing their little hearts out.  I made awkward eye contact with the bassist like 14 times, that's how intimate of a concert it was.

Best 3 parts:
-meeting Nate (duh)
-liking/hearing the new songs
-getting some great videos and pictures of the band

Worst 3 parts:
-bad sound quality
-no new merch to buy
-awkward setup, so that I was a little tooo close to the stage

Here are some more pictures for your (my) enjoyment:

Again, SO HOT, although I liked her old hair (dark brown) better... :P


See how close that front row is? THAT'S WHERE I WAS.

All in all, not a bad night (aka ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS EVER), and I can't wait to hopefully see them live again soon!


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. "Guys, if knees were vaginas, this would be the BEST CONCERT EVER"

    Hahahahaha...I love you!!

  2. "Guys, if knees were vaginas, this would be the BEST CONCERT EVER"

    I almost pit my chocolate milk out, because truer words have never been said. aslkjfasf. FUN!

  3. awe, totally adorable couple! you must have been flying high that glorious day hey?! i love live shows and when you actually get a chance to meet your faves in person, well the brain swells so big that there's like no room left! excited this happened for you lades. i'm a front rower too, just be careful about your ears. after so many years i've got sub woofer damage and end up saying "eh, what'd ya say" a lot of the time ; ) baha! you got some fab shots, good one.

    thanks again for visiting me, cool we have the same dress! ♥

  4. I love how hilariously self-aware the write up of your internal monologue is lmao. Never change!

  5. @Lynn: Thanks! haha even my dad agrees that we would be cute together.. which is saying something, since I'm the oldest girl, and you know how dads are about dating boys... as for my ears, I feel like I might already say that... oops! :P

    @Steffy: You have NO IDEA. :)

    @Lauren: Haha, I'll do my best ;)


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