Thursday, September 29, 2011

Berkeley Date Night!

Sunday night I took the boy out for Ethiopian food at this little place in Berkeley.
We had a great time!
Unfortunately, timing got messed up (BART took forever, and I went for an ill-planned hike :P), so although I dressed up in my new heels and dress, I didn't actually get any makeup on my face.  Luckily, he has seen me looking much MUCH worse, and also isn't a big make-up guy. The night was saved! Haha.

I liked the food well enough, but it wasn't my new favorite or anything.
Afterwards we went out to ice cream sandwiches with my sister. I got so excited/ distracted by cookies PLUS ice cream I forgot to take pictures. Oops.
I cannot WAIT to show you guys my new boots that I got (and wore on this date).
I made up a song about them and sang it as we walked through downtown Berkeley.
It went kinda like this: 
"I love my shoes! I loooove my shoes! My shoes are so pretty!" *hop* *hop* "nneeeeeww shoes! you are so pretty! I looooooveeesss you!!" *hop* *skip* *hop* 
Boy was embarrassed.

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