Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trip to the Bay: exploring Berkeley!

On Sunday, my sister and I walked around campus and explored some things.  We watched the men's a cappella octet, had lunch, and then went for a pretty cool hike.
Watching the octet made me sad and miss singing a lot.. Octets were always my favorite part of choir, especially when we would cheat a little bit and create one out of all of the (senior) section leaders.. So pretty! :)
The hike was fun, but I realized how out of shape I am after a summer without dancing or soccer! :( I got pretty sweaty, and then didn't have time to take a shower before my big date (post coming soon!).
Totally worth it though.

Since I go to a school with limited spirit, I was amazed at the thoroughness of Cal's pride.

Love this new scarf I got from a thrift store!

Whew. That hike makes me tired just thinking about it/ looking at these pictures again. We basically ran the whole way down so I could make it home in time to get ready.. more on that story later. :/
Anyone else have fun times this weekend?
Anyone else SUPER EXCITED that it's tights weather again!? :P

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