Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to Blogging?

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.
- Mark Twain

So, I stopped blogging for, what, 7 months now? I just felt kind of stupid, didn't feel like anyone was reading it, and generally am a very lazy person :)

The time has come to restart Musings!

Little update:
I am currently in my second year, living on campus in an apartment with 3 other (amazing) girls. Haven't spoken to the ex since I came back to school. That one guy I was talking about that I've liked since forever? He has a girlfriend now. They are adorable. I couldn't be happier for them.
I made the school club soccer team this year, and it's going great, even though our games keep getting rained out :(
Yesterday, I learned how to surf (in the rain!!) and had the most amazing time. I'm trying to keep myself from going out and buying a surfboard (the lack of money is helping, I must say...)
Other than that, life is the same. Always busy, always have papers to write, always trying to find some time to have fun.

Now, I have a story for you:

A while back, Roommate #1 and I were watching the season finale of Glee (more on Glee later) on my computer, in my room. I had had work that night until 10:15, so it was pretty late, and it was finals week, so campus was dead. Both Roommate #1 and I are seasoned procrastinators (stumbleupon is both my favorite thing EVER and the single most destructive item towards my GPA), and were looking forward to putting off studying for as long as possible.

So we're sitting on my bed, all warm in the blankets, computer on my knees and popcorn wedged between us, when my computer decides that it is going to take FOREVER to load. Now, just for some background: we have THE WORST INTERNET CONNECTION EVER. Seriously. We are supposed to have wireless everywhere on campus, but I get maaayyyybe one bar in my room. I feel like, just inside the 4x4ft square of my room (all right, that MAY be an exaggeration, but it is tiny), I am technologically stuck back in the '90s. Without what's-his-face telling me "you've got mail" all the time.

Anyways, we get frustrated with it taking so long to load, so we pause Glee and start talking quietly to ourselves. Let me take this time to note: Glee is the best show ever. We love it. It is hilarious. Needless to say, we were a little excited for the finale.

Finally, the show loads and we start watching, breathless with anticipation, and giddy with excitement. At one point Finn does something dumb and we scream at my computer that he is an asshole. At another point, we actually pause the show so we can exclaim at how AMAZING that last song was.

It is around then that we hear, through the wall, "I'm going to f***king kill you."
We looked at each other, eyebrows raised.
"Whaaaat?!" I called out, sure that I had heard it wrong.
Again, "I'm gonna f***king kill you."
I looked at my roommate, and she shrugged her shoulders. Roommate #2 was in the living room studying, and she likes to joke around and say mean things, so we kinda assumed it was her*.
"........Roommate #2?!" we called out, in unison (only we said her actual name) .
"ROOMMATE #2, YOUR MOM!" we heard, this time unmistakably coming from the room directly below mine.
At this point, I almost lost it. "Roommate #2, your mom?!" Seriously?!? SERIOUSLY?! Who SAYS that? Not to mention, who the f**k does SHE think she is threatening us for being loud? Two of the girls below us are on the volleyball team, and the other two are in a sorority-- they have parties all the time. They also have really loud conversations about some SERIOUSLY stupid shit (Dear girls downstairs: I really don't care who you screwed at the last SigEp party, or exactly what it was she said to whoever-- really, I don't). I was in utter disbelief that this was even happening.

Back to the story: I shoved my fist in my mouth and ran out of the room. Roommate #1 didn't even try to hold back her shriek of laughter. We were in tears, we were laughing so hard.
Then, we heard, "Shut the f**k up and study for finals like everyone else or I'm gonna f**king kill you!"

And, yeah, at that point I felt kinda bad, but still. Who says that? Just come upstairs like normal people and talk to us in person. Hey, you can even watch Glee with us sometime, as long as you agree that Puck is freaking hot.

Needless to say, "Roommate #2, your mom!" is my new favorite phrase.

*Looking back, I realize that my roommate is no where NEAR this psycho. Threatening to kill us because of a little squealing? That is seriously ridiculous. The funny thing is, I've met all the girls who live below us on the stairs, and they seem like perfectly nice, normal people. And I'm usually really nice to them! .....We'll see how long THAT lasts.

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