Thursday, June 2, 2011

The sights and sounds of Chitré, Panama: Part One: Sights

"What's life like in Panama, I wonder?" I'm sure was the very first thing you thought to yourself when you woke up this morning, right?

(hint: it's hot, sweaty, AWESOME, and

It's been a crazy week living in Panama so far, and I've finally settled in to my new cityChitré.  Chitré is a city "bien alegre" as they say here (meaning it's very happy and lively) but also "bien seguro" (safe).  Every day there is something new that either surprises me, excites me, or literally makes me laugh out loud. Or all three.

For example, our bright pink house (all three):

Some things that surprised me:

The Machetazo, this huuuuge Wal-mart-sized market that has anything and everything, including...

 I was very surprised (and happy) to see these, especially after living in such rural areas in Latin America.

La comida tipica (typical food). 

Some sort of cow tongue stuff..

On the other hand, I was also very surprised by the typical Panamanian food.  It's actually pretty delicious! I was sort of scared to eat meat again, but so far it hasn't been a problem.  Most things in Panama are deep fried (usually not one of my favorite things) and the food is generally very salty-- not very healthy, but yummy!

Some things I was excited by:

Our AWESOME latin american volunteers this year, like Hissar (who's from Chitré!):

Chevre, Mai (cool, man).

We so essited.

Pollitos! Sooooo cute! :)

Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!!

Oh, and the many funny parts of Chitré...

This guy, who lives in our house:

These funny little creatures they use for floats for the carnavales:

This sign in the hospital cafeteria:

"The one that cleans isn't here, the one that's here doesn't clean, so if you don't
clean, just leave everything clean and in order how it is"

..and the fact that parades pass by our house pretty much every day. For. no. reason. WHATSOEVER.

What can I say, Panama's a pretty cool place to live.


  1. Rose would be in love with that potato chip wall, haha. But, ahhh, all these are so cool! Do your Latin American vols usually stay in the country they're from like that? Or has his project not started yet?

  2. They have to do their first year in their own country, and then they can go to another country after that (and even be on staff some day! we have 4 dominicans who are now the same position as me! :) )


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