Friday, December 2, 2011

Fashionable, F*ckable, Friday: Wish List.

Alright, let's get real here for a second.  I have a confession to make. I am a grinch.
I sort of hate Christmas.
And Hanukkah.  Really all of the major holidays that involve buying presents for other people in return for equally stress-inducing, awkward, or unwanted gifts.  My family has never had a lot of money, but has also never had a shortage of love OR guilt, and the holidays take on an extra layer of stress when you see all of your equally-poor relatives attempting to create "the perfect Christmas."  Add in my almost eery lack of present-giving skills, little-to-no motivation for shopping, and a hate of crowds resulting in an extreme avoidance of all stores during the month of December, and you (I) get a major migraine. 
And a healthy hatred for Christmas.

I'm probably even worse at receiving presents than I am at giving them.  I am pretty picky about things, change my mind on a minutely basis, never know what I want until the day AFTER Christmas, and have the worst poker face in the history of the world.  Believe me, you know what I think about your gift.
The worst thing to get me is clothes.
My mom especially, but many others as well, always attempt to get me "something cute" for Christmas/ Hanukkah, and usually fail. (The one exception: one year for Hanukkah, my mom and my stepdad managed to get me THE CUTEST pair of jeans.  I wore them for a year too long, and referred to them as my "Hanukkah-pants.")  
Christmas-clothes are always the wrong size (example: the year before I moved to San Diego, my mom got me 10 (TEN) pairs of $1 flip-flops. From Target. All exactly one size too small), unattractive, something I already have, or just... wrong. While I DO appreciate the effort, honestly, I'd much prefer a gift card, that way I have an excuse to go shopping AND I get to pick something out myself. =)

HOWEVER. This year, there are a few clothing items that I would be more than happy to receive for Christmas.  And since I am lacking a camera this fashionable Friday, I thought I would share them with you.  
I would LOVE to receive (in the right size, color, and type, haha):

This dress from Urban Outfitters.
This apron from Anthropologie.
This precious necklace from ModCloth.
These boots from Urban Outfitters.
This necklace I spotted at Target.
Catch-22 Shirt from Out Of Print Clothing.

What are you hoping to receive this year? Anything you're excited to give? 
Happy Friday!


  1. i thought someone was already getting you pointe shoes

  2. Mhm. And I am very happy to be receiving them. Why they're on the list. :)


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