Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And She's Back!

"The best way to get something done is to begin."
--Author Unknown

...and the best way to never get something done is to be me.

One year later, and I've taken up the whole blog-writing thing... again. Only this time without all the delusions of grandeur. I'm just going to update when I can, write about my life, be OK with the fact that no one reads it, and HOPEFULLY start a 365 project and update with a picture every. single. day. for a year....... Once I get my camera.

Speaking of cameras I am trying to decide between the two most talked about cameras in the history of the internet: The Canon Powershot S95 and the Panasonic Lumix LX5. Both are high-end compact point and shoot cameras going for about $400. Both have their pros and cons. I CANNOT DECIDE! This is the single most important issue for me right now.... although it REALLY REALLY shouldn't be. There will be an entire post on this soon. :)

Other updates, since it has been about a year:
-I am currently living off campus with 5 (well, now 4, since one is studying abroad, but it feels like about 16) other girls
-I am no longer playing for the club soccer team, and am instead working my butt off for the SD chapter of AMIGOS
-I picked up a Global Health minor, which I lovelovelovelovelove except for all the reading, which I have (of course) yet to start

Some things which have remained remarkably unchanged over the last year:
-I still never, ever (and I mean EVER) do reading or homework, and instead procrastinate ridiculously by re-starting weird blogs (although I think that I legit have AADD, but that's another post for another day)
-I still am trying to lose those 15lbs
-I still live with Roomate #1
-I still am searching for evidence of my happiness and/or well-being, but that just sounded super hipster/emo/lame, so let's reword.....
...I am still trying to figure out my life?

Ugg I hate how whenever I am typing things they come out sounding all emo and trying too hard. Like oooh la di da this is my bloooooggggg (in a british accent). Similar to how I used to write in my diaries (there were about 87) when I was a kid and wanted them to sound exactly like the dumb-ass diaries (dumb ass-diaries) in those super lame Judy Blume books. I was all,

Dear Diary,
Today was just simply awful. You will never believe what happened to me! I had the most dreadful time at the park, and then I cried, because of my undying love for my beautiful crush who didn't even speak to me today! The horrors! How will I ever live?! OH MY! LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS AND COMPLAINTS! ALSO, SPARKLY GEL PENS!
always, Loni. <3
[yes, I ACTUALLY signed my diary entries with a heart. True story.]

ug. gag me. This is why this time, this blog is for ME ME ME. Like my to-do lists, or the doodles I write in my notebooks. PRIVATE PROPERTY. (except for any random ppl who might happen to stumble upon this blog. oops.) The rules are 1. no writing because I feel like I have to, 2. no feeling guilty when I haven't written in a while, and 3. no whining (unless it's REALLY IMPORTANT or really funny).

There. This will be fun. FUN, LONI, FUN!

That's my life right now! ...What else has been going on? Hmmmmm not much. Time to wrap up. I am already getting bored of this post (SEE!!? ADD!!) and.... wait, where was I going with that?? I think I was saying something about how I was done writing for now.... Yup, that must have been it.

SOoooooooo yeah. Peace out. Next time: Cameras, AADD, and applying to be an RA! :)


  1. "The best way to get something done is to begin."
    --Author Unknown

    ...and the best way to never get something done is to be me.

    LOLLL. I can so relate to this. I'm developing a crush on your blog.

    Your procrastinating, emo happiness-searching, Judy Blume-wannabe-diary-writing friend

  2. aww nice words :)

    I actually thought of you a lot when writing this post! heh... not sure how much of a good thing that is. We tend to bring out the worst in each other in relation to alllll of these things... oops


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