Wednesday, February 2, 2011

365 Project

I've started my 365Project!! Here it is: 365project/loni526

I can't decide what picture to put up today, I just took a few, and they are all terrible quality (iphone camera= bad photos) so I kind of over-edited them in an attempt to make them cooler. Also, a few of them were taken with the hipstamatic app, so that's why they're kind of.... hipster..

Here we go.

1. I don't really like the top half, and it didn't have the same effect that I wanted, but oh well. Won't be this one.

2. Much better than the first, and had the effect I wanted, but kind of boring. I like how it actually shows my day, though... ballet= first half, studying=second..

3. Ohhhh, hipstamatic.... Too grainy, but I like the B&W

4. Don't even ask. I was playing around with the orange, and I liked the contrast between the blue and orange. Didn't show as much as I would like in the final pic..

5. Haha, I actually like this one. Basically, I should have eaten some healthy food (like an orange) and studied that stupid book, but instead I finished a batch of brownie mix. Yum!

6. Soooo all I've actually done today is dance for a few hours, and now take pictures. The main reason I don't really like this one is because my STUPID HIP IS OPEN TOO FAR... I know that's a ballet thing and not a photography thing, but this will forever bother me... All I hear everyday in dance is "LONI! Hip down!! Hips belong to standing leg!!" ...also, the standing leg needs to be more effing turned out!
..Besides the ballet stuff, it's an okay picture. I like the line of the mirror...

7. I think the only reason I like this one is because it kind of looks like I'm wearing pointe shoes...

8. So, I kind of love this one, and it will probably be the one I post for today. I just love the idea of the foot under a spot light on a pedestal.. it's so true for my two sports.. ballet and soccer. I'm hopefully going to do another one similar of my foot in a cleat and shin-guards, and try to find a cool way to edit them together, kind of a juxtaposition of the reasons why my feet will forever have bloody blisters and hate me...

God, most of those were truly terrible pictures!! What can I say, it's hard to take pictures on an iphone, without a self-timer, zoom, tripod, flash, or ANYTHING for that matter.... Oh well. More important to take a pic a day and try my best.

I promise I won't post a gazillion pictures everyday for this damn 365 proj. Generally, I'll just post the one, and not even really talk about it. Probably. No promises, though :)


  1. My favorites are the feet/orange one & the last one. Your arches look good, too!
    And I'm jealous of your brownies. :(

    Feel free to post a gazillion pictures every day. (Though, I must admit I'm lol-ing at how much procrastination went into this post haha...)

    & I want to hear more about ballet. Are you planning to pursue it and eventually go on pointe?

    Have you read Complications by Atul Gawande? I read it and thought of you... I think you'd like it! Stories about being a surgical resident and a surgeon.

  2. I'm totally cool with seeing a gazillion pictures a day. :P

  3. @Lauren: I haven't even heard of the book, but I did google it! haha it looks reeeeally cool.
    As for ballet, ideally I would love to go en pointe soonish/ whenever I'm actually ready, but classes are SOOO expensive, and hard to get to, etc :( Plus, at most places adult classes are kinda lame, and just taking classes through my school isn't quite enough support and technical training for going en pointe seriously...or even really getting very good, ya know? I mean, whatever. The class size is just a little too big and varied, ya know? Haha, don't get me started about dance, dude, I will talk your ear off all day...
    @Mugdha: done! haha


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