Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When life gets busy the busy get a life...

....aka how loni loves to procrastinate (by "getting a life").

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the
end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow."
--Mary Anne Radmacher

I feel like I have a million things to say and no idea how to say all of them, or even if I should, since that would be one biiiiiiig post.... which is a result of the coffee and the ADD.

It's midterms season again and my week is looking like this:
MON: class from 10-12, studying from 2-7, meeting from 7-9, studying from 9-midnight, sleep.
TUES: review session from 8:30-9:30, class from 9:30-11, studying from 11-1, class from 1-3, in-class presentation from 3-4 (worth 30% of grade), study from 4-5, midterm from 5-6, study from 6-midnight, sleep.
WED: class from 10-12, study from 12-5, class from 5-8, study from 8-??, sleep.
THURS: midterm from 9:30-11, SLEEP from 11-3, work from 4-9, sleep.
FRI: work from 11-4, meeting from 4:30-7, Party from 10-2?, sleep.
SAT: AMIGOS workshop from 8-2:30.....FREE TIME! FINALLY!!! ....sleep.

Wow. Writing it all out like that definitely makes it seem worse and yet better than it actually is... that totally made sense, right? Just gotta have courage to get through it all... see what I did there? I totally referred back to my original quote... eh? Clever, huh? Thought so.

Nowwww on to the camera. I STILL CAN'T DECIDE! (transitions aren't my strong point. Again, ADD.)
Again, I'm trying to decide between the Canon Powershot s 95 and the Panasonic Lumix LX5. The canon is definitely more compact, which would be nice for traveling, and it is available in stores around here, so I could get some customer service/ help, as well as buy it on my student account... plus I like the manual control ring on the front, the look/compactness of the lens (it doesn't stick out quite as much), and I could buy it THIS WEEK!!! Here is the canon:

Then, there's the Panasonic Lumix LX5.... It has a better/ more durable lens (leica!!), supposed better image quality (it's been debated), a few more functions/ perks, but is definitely more bulky and I would probably have to buy it online... and in a few weeks, once I save up enough money. Overall, it's a more impressive and durable camera, and has a few higher numbers as far as ISO, HD video, etc. If I don't smash it to pieces trying to travel around with it, it will probably last longer too. Also, I had a not-so-good last experience with a canon powershot, but Im going to attribute that to the $90 price tag, and not the brand itself. Here is the beautiful Lumix, although to a different scale than the canon, so I guess the pics don't help THAT much...

[Note: I am not being paid nor have I been endorsed by either company to give a review on either camera, I am just interested in buying one of the two and am expressing my opinions here likewise.]

Basically, what it comes down to is, do I want to buy my camera now, learn how to use it before I leave for Panama, (and be able to take awesome pictures NOW), or do I want to suck it up and wait until I can afford the Panasonic??? On one hand, I have all these shallow (but legit) reasons for wanting the canon, and all these deeper (but not necessarily THAT important for what I will actually be using the camera for) reasons for wanting the panasonic. What a problem! I wish there was an easy answer, so I just keep stalling on buying either camera. I could always go buy the canon, shoot around with it for a couple of days, and if I'm not IN LOVE with it, return it (within like 10 days). But the problem with that is that I can't really do the same thing with the panasonic, so it's not like I'm even comparing it to anything other than my old (kodak) camera, which isn't exactly comparable. AND to top it off, I haven't been able to find any places in the area that sell both cameras so that I can compare both and hear from a salesperson who isn't just trying to get me to buy the one they actually sell. Online reviews have been helpful, but have only gotten me as far as I am now...

whine whine whine, complain complain.... :(

I should probably study now, but I have LITERALLY about 300 pages to read, if not even more, and it just seems ridiculous after all of the studying I've been doing the past couple of days. Not to mention being on campus today for over TEN HOURS (about 7 of which were spent in class). Fun!!

Good thing I have 8tracks to keep me occupied... ahem, I mean focused.


  1. I love writing all the stressful things I have to do down, because then everything's all compartmentalized neatly and therefore less stressful.
    But that list looks hardcore. :(

    I like how you use quotes!

    Here is a quote I have randomly saved:

    "Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things." - Ray Bradbury

    I don't like Ray Bradbury, but I try to think of this when I'm sitting at my computer thinking about how I have to write an essay instead of actually writing it.

    Hmm, now that I reflect, that quote is totally irrelevant to studying for midterms. I just wanted to use a quote!

    I think the Panasonic is more attractive and sounds better overall, based on this post.

  2. Ooh nice quote! I might have to steal it one week... haha yeah, the panasonic sounds BETTER, but it doesn't satisfy my desire to TAKE PICTURES NOOOWWWW. Ya know? Pluuusss what about traveling? haha now I'm just arguing for the sake of arguing..

  3. hahah I like how I wrote "one week" as if...
    A. I actually write once a week
    B. I actually update
    C. Somehow I have an updating schedule, and all my "quote spots" are full, so I'll "schedule yours in"


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