Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rambling :)

"Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will"

I really should have paid more attention to this quote before I left for the weekend, because it totally applies--- against all expectations, the weekend actually ended up being SUPER fun. The girls were all random, not floofy sorority girls and really pretty nice (PLUS, since we didn't really know anyone, considering we were independently invited by our dates, we all sort of had to bond) and I forgot how many of the guys in the frat I actually knew. The first night was kind of crazy, but we showed up pretty late, so we didn't really do much. The next day (Saturday) we went sledding!!! It was pretty lame, aka 2 foot tall "hill" but I had fun, and got some adorable pictures!

Probably shouldn't have been so scared, considering the actual height, but I was going fast!

Silly boys :)

Then, that night was the semi-formal, with tons of dancing and shenanigans, which I LOVED. All in all, muuuuch better than expected and pretty much just a GREAT weekend. :)
I didn't take these pics (obvi) but I couldn't help myself.. we all look so fancy! ...too bad they aren't great quality...

The Girls :)

Pat, his 2 dates, and our newfound friend!

However, I am feeling like a rhinoceros stepped on my throat and took out my vocal chords and then a small child tackled me from behind knocking me unconscious. I realize that made absolutely no sense, but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE CRAP. I'm not very good at being sick, lemme tell you. whine whine whine, complain complain. It's gotten to the point where I haven't danced in over a week, and since I have missed the last 2 IM soccer games because of work or whatever, I haven't worked out really at all, which just adds to the general feelings of yuckyness. Pretty much I sit around watching The Big Bang Theory (AWEEEESOME SHOW) and reading. Oh and, also coughing. That's a big activity in my life currently.

However, I keep stumbling upon these awesome life-changing quotes and tips for leading a better life. Some of them seem so obvious, and yet I still don't manage to do them. Like work out regularly, or eat well. It's like, duh, I waaant to do these things, but life gets in the way.... Except that exercising and eating ARE parts of life, and shouldn't those things have a little more priority? Wish I knew.

The quote above really stuck with me for some reason. I mean, it is essentially the same old "glass half full" thing, but it just makes so much sense. It's like, why dwell on all the things that could go wrong, when there is SOME reason why we're doing what we are? Those small things should be more important, they should motivate us (or, me) to do things I want to do! Right? Sorry, this is getting heavy, but being sick makes me feel like I'm just sitting around, wasting my life away, and I have to start trying to inspire myself, in order to feel less gross. [edit: OK, that paragraph made noooo sense, but I am too lazy to change it, so whatever. DEAL. -L]

That's enough for now, but hopefully I will get out of this funk and actually start following through with some stuff. Not sure what yet, but I'll make a post about it.

Also, would really like to do some sort of weekly themed post... like... Taco Tuesday, only about something that I would want to blog about (what, you mean you don't want to read an ENTIRE post per week about tacos? Party poopers...) It will probably end up being Fashion Fridays or something equally lame and predictable but we'll see. Regardless, I am going to start making this blog more of a collection of interesting things/ideas, photos, and cool quotes and findings, and less of my rants, complaints, and musings about random crap (although, yes, I realize "musings" is in the title. Sue me.)


  1. See, I thought about that, but what would I post? Pictures of ppl I'd do? Outfits that are hot? My fashion on f*ckable Fridays?


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