Monday, February 7, 2011


"Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner. "
--Author Unknown

...Don't I know it!

Soooo nothing new to report, really. Life has been crazy busy! My AMIGOS retreat went super well on Saturday-- we did some of the community development activities and I think my volunteers are starting to get it!!

I think I have basically decided on the Panasonic camera, but yesterday I thought I had decided on the canon, so we'll see. I FOUND A STORE near my house where they actually sell both cameras (each for about $100 more than online) so I am going to stop by on Wednesday and compare the two in person.

Meanwhile, I have been taking lame pictures on my phone and computer, and wishing for a better camera. Hopefully, though, I will get a camera before this weekend.

Why? Because this weekend I am going to the mountains with a frat as someone's date for their Semi-formal!!! Sounds super lame, huh. Basically, 2 of my roommates are in a sorority, and their sorority has a "best friend" frat. This frat is going on a weekend trip to the snow for their semi-formal, and a couple of them still needed dates. Soooo me and my OTHER roommate are going, along with one of the sorority girl roommates and her boytoy, who is in this same frat.
Also, one of the guys we are going with is adorable, buuttttttt there are a loooott of reasons why nothing will probably happen that I'm not about to get into right now, sooo yeah.
I'm looking forward to the weekend, but also nervous!! Staying in cabins whith a whole ton of frat and sorority girls is not really my thing, you know? The boys would be one thing, but that many girls.... let's just say that I plan on being under the influence of SOMETHIN to make this bearable. Maybe I'm just awkward, hell, DEFINITELY I'm awkward, but does this not sound like a SOMEWHAT painful experience?? (if you say "no," then you probably shouldn't be reading this blog....)

Other than the potential awkwardness/cattiness/ bitchyness/ awkwardness that this weekend presents, I am actually looking forward to it. It will be nice to take a break from my busy life, have some good ol' fashioned fun, and be judged every minute, down to my PJs. No really though, I want to go. REALLY.

Hmmm other news? My 365proj is going well; at least, I haven't forgotten to update yet!! Roomie and I went to the local park and creeped on some kids, taking pictures for both of our blogs/ projects. Since I can only post one on 365, here they are!! (YES, I realize that I said I wouldn't post a gazillion pictures all the time, but I can't resist, since I got to use my roomie's camera instead of my shitty phone camera (JK-- I LOVE YOU PHONE!!) and they turned out pretty freakin cute, soooo.... suck it.)

Here we are (a lot of them are duplicate images, but edited differently.. feel free to tell me your favs!!):

feel like this whole going to random places and taking pictures together is going to become a regular occurrence.... :)


  1. I love the walking away pictures with the first effect. Also, good cropping.

  2. I like the 2nd picture and the 3rd to last picture best.

    You're crazy! A weekend with a sorority instead of a weekend relaxing for once?? I think it's funny what you consider a "break from your busy life" haha.

    I have a bad midterm tomorrow, so I can't skype tonight. Tomorrow night? I might have a staff meeting until 8 (if not, barn until 9...), and we could do it after that.

  3. That works for me! I have work until about 9, but that would be fine. Call or text me before so I don't forget! :)


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