Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashionable, F*ckable, Friday!

Since Friday was a work day and a finals study day, we'll be doing some fashion inspiration instead.  Also, I know this post wasn't actually put up on Friday, but due to the magic which is the internet, no one will ever know! Muahahaha...

So, since I have been a HUGGEEE fan of lists lately (they basically get me through the day, due to my ridiculous inability to remember anything for more than about a minute) I think I'll do an "I Want" list.

Here are some things that I want (and, if I had a million dollars, would totally buy):

1. Patterned tights!
I kind of have a thing for tights.  I also really want some dark maroon ones and some lacy black ones.  Although, I also looooove these:

2. Fancy Overcoat:
I realize it's not that cold in SD, but I feel like a man wearing my snowboarding jacket everywhere.  I like this one a lot:
From fcuk

3. Oxford Heels:
Love love love love them!

Rialto Burnished Oxford Wingtip Detail Heels

4. Vintage Oxfords:
OK, so kind of the same as above, but I can't help it! :)
Restricted Poodle Oxfords from Ruche

5. Chunky boots:
Romance Boots from Seychelles

6. Trouser Pants:
Not sure what these are actually called, but I have been wanting some high-waisted, capri pants for a while now..
On the Fast Track Pants from

7. Loose cutoff jean shorts:
Here's the plan: Go to a thrift store, buy some men's jeans, cut them into some really loose shorts, and enjoy!

8. A Girly Blouse:
I wear t-shirts like... 90% of the time.  I need to invest in some grown-up clothing.  This blouse is adorable:
Purely Pleasant Top from

9. On a less fashion-y, and a more nerdy note, anything from

Or this shirt from AVPM:

Sorry for the lack of links, I'm supposed to be studying for finals right now, and it was just too much effort.  Maybe later I'll put them in :)


  1. How have I managed to miss your last few posts?

    I love #2 (& #1 is cute! Also like #8). I'm not so sure about #6, however (it walks that fine line between fashion and momma jeans).

  2. Really? I adore #6... but I tend to like a bit weirder things than you.. you are a tad more classy :)

  3. LOL hardly. A tad more lazy and unadventurous, perhaps. I just think #6 would be hard to pull off in real life (I feel like the puffiness around the top could end up looking diaper-y).

  4. Hahaha first mom jeans, and now diaper-y!? You have been hanging out at the preschool too much... :)

  5. lmao I think I'll stop commenting on clothing before I dig myself deeper...


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