Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Viva La Musica!

Literally the only thing that gets me through finals week is good music.  OK, maybe that's not true... I do enjoy excessive amounts of junk food.. but still. Top 3 things.

This finals week I have been listening to a lot of 8tracks playlists, but my all time favorite study music is anything by Sam Hart.  Lucky for me (and now you!) he has an awesome channel on youtube that has gotten me through quite a few terrible, TERRIBLE weeks of studying and misery.  Also, procrastination.

His originals are amazing, but he also does some great covers.  His music is just chill enough to not distract from reading, but just upbeat enough not to make you fall asleep.  I encourage you all to check him out! NOW! Do it!

My favorite original song is, of course, Mario Kart Love Song, which is now on itunes!! (and has prompted about a gazillion covers all over youtube):

And my favorite cover would have to be his wonderful version of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror:

sooo good.

His youtube channel comments are basically just people begging him to PLEASE make an album so we can all buy it, so you know he must be good. :)

Aaaaaaand gonna stop procrastinating now..

But wait! Bonus video! Greatest thing ever!! can you not be convinced of his amazingness after that? :P

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