Thursday, March 17, 2011

Procrastination Station: Platform 9 3/4

I don't know what the title of this post has to do with anything besides the fact that WOW I HAVE NOT DONE ANY STUDYING in quite some time. Oops.

Instead, what have I done?

Well.  I discovered some new blogs.  My favorite is: called Rockstar Diaries. It's awesome. I kind of want their life.

I also taught myself how to make a sock bun.  Super important, I know.
Here is the video I used:

It actually turned out super cool looking! I think it is about to become one of my new favorite 'dos!

Didn't even realize how highlighted my hair is!

I just love how big it looks! TWSS

In the process of taking these pictures, I
re-discovered how much I hate my nose :(

AND THEN, as if that weren't enough procrastinating for one night, I was inspired by Keiko Lynn, my current blogging inspiration, to create this awesome "passionate pink" makeup look... although mine was TOTALLY different and way not as good as hers.  And then I proceeded to take 200 pictures of myself.  I wish I were joking, guys. Here are some of my favorites:

I promise I don't actually think I'm a model.

Absolutely love this one, for some reason.

Freakin' out!

I can haz freckels?

My totally lame version of Keiko Lynn's awwwwesome makeup job:

You can't even tell, amiright?
awwwwkward closeup..
And that's it.  I'm done procrastinating. I promise. Now I will study. STUDY!!

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  1. I love the sock bun look. I am currently in the process of growing out my hair. I never actually make it to long hair when I attempt to grow it out. but I have faith this will be the year. I am officially marking my goal as "sock bun" length.


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