Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday's Stumbles

So I've realized that the best way to keep me updating on a regular basis is to have some sort of weekly catchy-nerdy-alliterated theme going on (hence all the Friday and Wednesday posts).  So, I now present...
Sunday's Stumbles!!
aka lists of links that I love/ stumbled upon/ read in someone else's blog recently.
All for your viewing/ clicking pleasure.
I know, I know. You're welcome.

GREAT study playlist
What happens when you blow bubbles with Helium? Pure awesome.
  Read this article, but instead of "unions" read "unicorns."  'Cus that's how I saw it. Yup.
Another fab playlist. Indie + dubstep = AMAZING.
I like charts.
This is a cute Harry Potter inspired wedding.
AWESOME apartment! A little too girly for my tastes, but what can you do?
Why bra shopping sucks.
Lady Gaga is awesome.
Give hugs always.

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Oh god. All the bra things are true. :(
    But I'd never stumbled that HP wedding before, and it was so cute, yayy!!!

  2. I saw the bubbles with helium clip. WOW. I'd be so scared but that looks amazing. Like flying, really.


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