Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Break (part 2): SF Academy of Science!

Last Wednesday, we went to the SF Academy of Science, one of my favorite places where I used to go when I was a kid!
..Of course, my camera battery was totally dead, because I forgot to charge it.
{But I did take a couple of iphone pictures!}
My favorite part was revisiting places I loved as a kid as an adult-- you see things totally differently!
The boy liked the fish and reptiles-- and learning about sharks!
And then we went to the extra special planetarium show and learned about the Big Bang and life and cells and stars and planets and stuff. It was awesome. We are nerds.

See the alligator?!

These frogs were just the COOLEST color IRL

That's a seahorse!!!

This was presh: all these kids wrote their ideas for improving global climate change.

The things they wrote were awesome! And adorable!

Great quotes.

Chameleons are awesome. Just saying. AWESOME. 

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