Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dream team in Panama!

The dream team (me and my two bosses/coworkers, Jarrod and Becca) hit the streets yesterday to get shit done!!
First was the U.S. Embassy, where we had some legal stuff to do before we were allowed to get a bank account.  We showed up right as the doors opened, and it actually ended up being much easier than expected.  
After about an hour or so there, we headed over to our partner agency (accross town about 15min by taxi), MIDES (the ministry of social development), where we met with this super nice lady and got some more logistical stuff taken care of (transportation for our volunteers, etc).

We craaazay!
Once we were done with MIDES, we took another taxi over to the Hospital Nacional, where we met this sweet American guy who was some sort of hospital administrator who's going to help us out this summer if something should happen to one of our babies.

We also had a delicious Panamanian lunch somewhere in there-- I had fried chicken (yum!), rice, and platanos fritos (fried bananas!). SO GOOD. I forgot to take a picture, since I was so busy chowing down, but no worries, because it sounds like that is a very common meal I'll be eating this summer.

After all that, we headed back to our hostel to change out of our business casual and took to the streets in search of adventure.

They bought Panama hats.. I did not.

I like how our team knows how to find that balance between work, fun, and relaxing.  Last night we then went down to our hostel's bar, where I got a couple of drinks (I'm not on the clock yet), and enjoyed some DELICIOUS pulled pork sandwiches. Yum!! :)

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  1. Yes! Those last three are SO AWESOME. Pretty much every comment from now until you get back is probably going to be some variation of: "Ahh, how cool!!" and "God, I'm so jealous!!" so beware.


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