Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Attempted to make vegan pudding using soy milk... did not work.


  1. Did it taste good at least?

  2. Nope. I mean, had it been pudding, I probably would have eaten it, but since it was juicey mush, I wasn't too motivated...

  3. Hahahaha :) I actually just had a really delicious vegan tapioca pudding... but I didn't make it, so I can't really help you out :(

    The next time that you are in the mood for a vegan dessert, give this a try:

    It's my FAVORITE vegan dessert...I like to use 1 cup coffee instead of the water, which gives it a nice flavor. Also, if you want frosting, all or most of the frosting by duncan & hines is vegan.


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