Monday, May 16, 2011

Sneak Peak-- Refuge Jeans

Here is a quick pre-processed sneak peak of a photoshoot (for a jeans ad, with my roomie) I did recently... We ran out of light, so we didn't get many pictures, but there were a couple that I liked! :)

Weird unintentional effect due to bad lighting and weird camera setting...

I'll be uploading more soon once I've edited them and chosen my favorites, so stay tuned! :P

Also-- my computer just did something super weird with its resolution, so I might reupload these later if they look weird... Let me know what you think.. are these pics different quality to you, or is it just my computer? :)

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  1. Holy crap, these pictures look awesome! I want to see the rest of them! Has she picked which ones she wants to send yet?


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