Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashionable, F*ckable, Friday!

I'm sorry to announce the temporary disbandment of Fashionable, F*ckable, Friday due to the fact that I'm living IN PANAMA and I look like CRAP most of the time-- even on *gasp* Fridays. Did I mention that it's in the high 90s here every. single. day?  Well, it is.  Which means that I don't look cute enough to be posting any pictures of me or my current outfits any time soon.  Or even fashionspiration, since that will just make me sad that my entire wardrobe consists of polo shirts, khakis, dress pants, soccer shorts, and flip flops.  (I also didn't really bring any makeup, making any photos of me even less showable to the world..)

Here are some examples of the supercute fashion choices I'll be rockin' all summer (taken from pictures of past AMIGOS experiences), in case that wasn't convincing enough:

So, excuse the fact that I generally look terrible in this one, but please note that I am wearing jeans with tennis shoes, a summer staple.  Also a summer staple? The AMIGOS polo. I might have it in 4 different colors.. 

Next up: t-shirts with soccer shorts, my go-to outfit for anything and everything in Latin America.

Braids! I know braids are back, but the pippi longstocking look can only take you so far.  Also note that I'm wearing yet another AMIGOS shirt.

When all else fails, I will be rotating about 5 v-neck tshirts with my one pair of jeans and some converse or vans. Hip!

You better believe I can make a messy bun look good in Panama! (you can't tell, but this is another AMIGOS t-shirt in this picture)

Last but not least, for those days when I need to do some heavy labor (aka play around with wet cement while watching boys lift things), I will pull out my oh-so-classy wife beater-khaki-rainboots combination that will just knock your socks off.

What can I say? I'm a classy lady.

I might do a couple ironic Fashionable Fridays this summer, since it would be so mean for you all to miss out on those days when I'm looking especially hot, tired, and AMIGOS-y.  At least, I'll try my best.

Happy Friday from Panama!

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