Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soooo, this is my bike....

[edit: for some reason, in my head I heard that ^ in that lispy valley girl ditz voice... you know which one I'm talking about?? It sounds like ANY standup comedian pretending to be his girlfriend... ?] 

I bought it a couple of years ago at this annual garage sale the retirement community next to my dad's house has. It's an antique, and I absolutely love it.  It runs well, feels sturdy, is adorable, aaaaaaannnnd unfortunately is sort of falling apart.  Currently it's all rusty, the tires are completely flat, and there are all these spider webs stuck in the spokes and chain (the first things to go were the tires, and the rest is a result of it sitting in my outside patio all year because I was too lazy to pump them up every. single. day.)  

SO, my new project is going to be fixing up my bike! Photos and updates to come!  I'm thinking I'll start with new tires, and then clean it up and get rid of the rust, maybe add a cute vintage-y bell and/or basket.  Anybody have any other ideas?

Also, for good measure, here are some outfit pictures I took with my bike today :P
I threw this dress on over my leotard and tights this morning in a moment of inspired laziness, and decided, since I'm writing about my bike anyway, and had to take a picture of it, I might as well take a couple of shots of my outfit, too.  Also, in case you haven't noticed, I really like taking pictures.

 And a couple close-ups of my outfit:

Outfit Details:
Dress: MC (mom's closet)
Blazer/top: Thrifted!
Belt: Came with a top from Francesca's Collections
Tights: Capezios' footless knitted dance tights (?)
Shoes: Keds (hand-me-downs from a friend)

I also got a couple of other AWESOME things when I went thrifting on Saturday; I will incorporate them into my next couple of posts so you can all oooh and ahhh with me. Or not. :P

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  1. This is so cool! My father-in-law fixed up an old bike for me, and I'm obsessed. Now all you need is a cute bell and a basket! xo


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